We support incubators to deliver the world standard incubation/accelerator services. Incubators/accelerators strengthen the private sector making them highly effective in economic development. In many cases, Rwandan incubators focus on a specific technological system, and a few are general or “mixed-use”; there are also a small number of accelerators and co-working space across the country mainly in Kigali. They all have the same goal of welcoming and supporting entrepreneurs to grow their business ideas into successful MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises). Bene Dico has a strong partnership with Incubation managers from USA, Europe and Africa that helps to share experiences and connecting Rwandan local startups with the rest of the world. Researches show that companies’ beneficiaries to business incubation services are far more likely to survive the first five years of operations than are companies that are not incubator clients.

Consultancy offered:

● Access to capital – funds for growth and expansion

● Access to markets and information – sales (local and international), effective branding and marketing advice

● Access to facilities and equipment – efficiency of operations

● Access to training and mentoring – education and capacity building

● Access to policymakers – dialogue with those who oversee the business sector

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